To accompany huge ATL campaign in 2010, ČEZ wanted to create a set of various merchandise targeting children. The main hero of the TVC is boy's orange well-used table top lamp. These are selected materials that were given away or won in competitions. 
The main prize was the orange lamp itself, brand new ready for its owner to customize it with starter sticker sheet containing eyes and mounts. The lamp came in custom designed box with the mentioned stickers and Philips bulb. Screenprinted on silver carboard box.

(photos are courtesy of ČEZ facebook page)
t-shirt + beanie set that was never produced
custom pairs game (called pexeso in czech) with different lamp characters
board game showcasting major events supported by ČEZ as a part of Regional helping brochure.
special part of the orange guide (DIN A5 annual magazine with energy related news) also featured children part with tasks, game and free school day calendar. the calendar was rotated 90° for getting the most out of a4 format.
In 2011 workbook and new sheets of stickers  were created to widen the range of children merchandise
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