AA-HXVLTC-015 is a product of now. Cities spammed with misinformational marketing messages, goverment censorship and spying on people. This experimental typeface initialy created to add clutter to AOKU visual outputs, works in an opposite way when used in corporate communication, rendering meaningless slogans harmless for passerbys that don’t want to buy anything. Looking like a goverment tool to remove information from curious eyes, but working as a light encryption tool for the dedicated.
AA-HXVLTC-015 is based on glypth widths of Helvetica Neue Bold. An irony to use (probably) the world’s most useful typeface as a source and convert it into typeface that is impossible to read without (non-existing) implants or software. This is not an attempt to deface Helvetica, neither a hate towards her. I love to use Helvetica and AA-HXVLTC-015 should be considered an experimental tribute.
During the creation I discovered that each of the Helvetica Neue Bold all caps glyphs had a different width*, making them unique and theoreticaly readable. Since I can’t code I am unable to create the required software. If you are intrested and have required skills feel free to contact AOKU. It’s not working with small caps and numeral glyphs.
*H and N are only exception. Both glyphs have exactly same width
In case you still wondering what are you looking at, yes this font writes rectangles that are wide as the letters that they represent and I made Bēhance project about it. ®©AOKU™MMXV // X-AARGH OUTPUT BRAND.
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